Explore French Wines

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Date: 06/23/2018

wine_2059899bJoin Mainstreet as we welcome, Benita Plume, Kobrand Fine Wine and Spirits District Manager, as she leads the exploration of wine thorughout France. Beaujolais, Bourgogne, Chateauneuf-du-Pape...all this and more!!

Fireworks Wines

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Date: 06/30/2018

Fireworks behind statue of liberty

Enjoy these wines with your Independence Day celebrations. These have crowd appeal!!

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Summer Sippers, Patio Pounders

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Date: 07/07/2018

Are you wondering what a Patio Pounder is? A Patio Pounder is essentially a wine that you drink outside on the patio, on the deck, on the boat or somewhere outside. For a wine to be deemed a Patio Pounder it needs to have a big 'gulp' factor, meaning you have to stop yourself from finishing the bottle-it's just that good!