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We have been in business at this location since 1985, providing the best selection of wine in the western suburbs. Our store has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, and has been a past “Wine Store of the Year” selection. We pride ourselves on friendly and knowledgeable service, whether you are selecting an inexpensive wine for a simple dinner, purchasing select wine as an investment, or choosing wines for a special event.

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Our craft beer selection is bar none the best around in the Western Suburbs. Thanks for your comments on our ‘Yelp’ page…we appreciate your feedback and welcome your requests!

“This store has a great selection of beers.  The liquor and wine selection is great too.  You can pretty much find whatever your looking for and maybe something new if your feeling adventurous.”                  – Patrick from Chicago

“This place has everything I like, suitable for many price ranges! They get in beers that are hard to find. I was really impressed when I wanted PumKing beer, and they offered to call me when it actually came in, and reserve me some bottles until I was able to stop by— and they actually followed through on that!”                                    – Susanne from LaGrange

Our Events

90+ Cellars Wine Tasting

Price: $0.00

Date: 01/20/2018

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Saturday night taste, Tuesday night prices! Meet Ryan Gillian who brings 90+ Cellars wine from their tasting table to your glass! 2-6pm

Spanish Wines Paired with Emilio's Tapas

Price: $0.00

Date: 01/27/2018

emilios-logoSpain has over 2.9 million acres (over 1.17 million hectares) planted—making it the most widely planted wine producing nation but it is the third largest the producer of wine in the world, the largest being France followed by Italy. Emilio's Tapas will be serving perfectly paired little bites. Taste wines from the different regions of Spain. 2-6 pm

Southern Italian Wines

Price: $0.00

Date: 02/03/2018


Southern Italy is a vast region that contains the provinces of Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Molise and Sicily – Sardinia is also sometimes included in this region but this island has less in common with the rest of Southern Italy and has differing culture and traditions. You can taste some examples at this tasting, plus other indegenious grapes you can explore.

Hess Winemaker Dinner

Price: $0.00

Date: 02/08/2018



With the release of the 2012 vintages from Mount Veeder, The Hess Collection celebrates its 30th vintage, establishing a new level of quality driven by a decade-long vineyard redevelopment plan. Taste and meet with Dave Guffy, Director of Winemaking while Jen's Guest House pairs a five corse meal with Hess Collection wines. $65 ++ Call 708-839-8000 to make your reservations today!

Vino Amore -Wines of Love

Price: $0.00

Date: 02/10/2018


Amore means love in Italian...what a wonderful way to show love by sharing wine! Spend some time with someone you love and find out what Italy has to say through it's wine.  Celebrate Valentine's Day while tasting outstanding wines that epitomize love!

Wines of Tuscany

Price: $0.00

Date: 02/17/2018


Italy_Tuscany_tour_Tuscany_Vineyard_-_Bravo_ItalianTuscany is home to some of the world's most notable wine regions. Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano are primarily made with Sangiovese grape whereas the Vernaccia grape is the basis of the white wines. Explore this region and taste thru some wonderful wines! 2-6 pm

Vina Robles Wine Dinner

Price: $0.00

Date: 02/22/2018


Join Mainstreet in welcoming our honored guest,
Luke Fuller, Vina Robles Vineyards & Winery
Regional Sales Manager, as he takes you through a guided tour of the wines of Vina Robles from Paso Robles, California. This is a wonderful opportunity to taste wines that are hand picked, and made from single estate vineyards. From the soaring, fog-kissed coastal mountains west of Paso Robles to the dry, rugged slopes east of the Salinas River, these vineyards reflect the wondrous diversity of the Paso Robles appellation, ultimately enabling Vina Robles to capture a wide range of nuance and complexity in the wines. These wines will be paired perfectly with plates that reflect the authenticity of the area. $75 per person ++ Call Steak + Vine to make your reservations 708-579-0520
Vina Robles Wines:
Red4/White4 w passed Hors d’oeuvres
1st Course Chardonnay
2nd Course Cabernet
3rd Course Mountain Road Reserve Cabernet
Dessert Petite Sirah


Nancy's Wine Picks

Pop the Cork!!







Many people have influenced the rise and fall of the champagne industry, but no other industry has been as strongly influenced by female entrepreneurs. Wine making was their passion. They knew they had to be relentless and, often times, involved in everything to do with producing the glorious bubbly nectar. The three most influential women include, Veuve-Clicquot Ponsardin, Louis Pommery, and Lily Bollinger. The French word “Veuve” means widow and rhymes with love. At the young age of 27 Veuve-Clicquot Ponsardin became a widow, and she was challenged with the following decision: become the head of an unknown champagne house, or retire to the countryside with her young daughter. Mme. Ponsardin chose the first option and, as a result, became one of the most influential and innovative women of the century. Without her discovery of remuage – an efficient system for clearing champagne of the yeasty debris trapped in the bottle after secondary fermentation-champagne would never have become the world’s most famous wine.  She was known as the uncrowned queen of Reims France, which is one of the premier places that the grapes of champagne are grown. Epernay is the other main region. Champagne is primarily made with two grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. However, some regions use a third grape: Pinot Meniuer.

We save Champagne for only special occasions but what is life if not special. Champagne should be drunk at least once a week to celebrate life, not just for special milestones in peoples’ lives. Many affordable sparkling wines and champagnes can turn a day-to-day moment into an extraordinary one! Maybe the French ladies understood this more than anyone. They followed their passion and produced a magnificent product!

Some of these fine champagnes are available this holiday season! Try something new, pop a bottle and keep one in your refrigerator, chilled waiting for the celebration to begin!

My only regret is that I did not drink more Champagne.  -Lord Maynard Keynes, on his deathbed

When wine is involved, nothing is difficult. Cheers!

This article ran in the PUNCH website…happy that Retailers are recognized for their hard work!!


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