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We have been in business at this location since 1985, providing the best selection of wine in the western suburbs. Our store has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, and has been a past “Wine Store of the Year” selection. We pride ourselves on friendly and knowledgeable service, whether you are selecting an inexpensive wine for a simple dinner, purchasing select wine as an investment, or choosing wines for a special event.

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Our craft beer selection is bar none the best around in the Western Suburbs. Thanks for your comments on our ‘Yelp’ page…we appreciate your feedback and welcome your requests!

“This store has a great selection of beers.  The liquor and wine selection is great too.  You can pretty much find whatever your looking for and maybe something new if your feeling adventurous.”                  – Patrick from Chicago

“This place has everything I like, suitable for many price ranges! They get in beers that are hard to find. I was really impressed when I wanted PumKing beer, and they offered to call me when it actually came in, and reserve me some bottles until I was able to stop by— and they actually followed through on that!”                                    – Susanne from LaGrange

Our Events

National Pinot Noir Day!


It is the perfect wine and food pairing! Pinot noir is light enough for salmon but complex enough to hold up to some richer meat including duck.  It is also the 10th most planted grape variety in the world. Pinot Noir is produced in a myriad of styles, depending on the terrior the vines are planted in and the desires of the wine maker. This is a unique opportunity to taste Pinot Noir from around the world. Celebrate National Pinot Noir day with all these exquisite examples of this noble grape. Tasting from 2- 6 pm.

”“The most romantic of wines, with so voluptuous a perfume, so sweet an edge, and so powerful a punch that, like falling in love, they make the blood run hot and the soul wax embarrassingly poetic”
-Master Sommelier Madeline Triffon

Price: $0.00

Date: 08/18/2018

School Nite Wines


The kids are back in school, homework, soccer practice, fast dinners and at the end of those days you need a glass of wine that you dont' want to have to brake the bank to buy, but that tastes delish! You will find it on this tasting! Value driven wines from around the world. Tasting from 2- 6 pm.

Price: $0.00

Date: 08/25/2018

Labor Day Wines

Celebrate your Labor Day events with any of these beautiful party wines that pair perfectly with picnics, BBQs, family gatherings or grilling.

Price: $0.00

Date: 09/01/2018

Milbrandt Wine Dinner

The Milbrandts are celebrating nearly two decades of 90-point wines. Their Evergreen Vineyard was named "Vineyard of the Year" by  Seattle Magazine and over 12 varietals have been awarded "Best Buy" or "Editor's Choice" by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Meet Buck Milbrandt, winemaker at this 5 course dinner fabulously paired with a wide variety of Milbrandt wines.  Wahluke Slope is especially ideal for red wines and Ancient Lakes for white wines. Buck is careful about matching the right variety to the right site. Known as some of the best growers in the state, Buck's fruit is amongst the most sought after in Washington.

To make your reservation before it sells out ,please call Jen's Guesthouse, 8989 Archer Ave, Willow Springs, IL 708-839-8000 jensguesthouse@gmail.com Dinner priced at $65 ++ per person.

Price: $0.00

Date: 09/06/2018

Henry's Worldwide Wines

Join us in welcoming our favorite Englishman, Henry Hills as he entertains with his world wide collections of wine. Taste these wonderful wines and learn from the master! Tasting from 2- 6 pm.

Price: $0.00

Date: 09/08/2018

French Wines with Corso Selections


Bordeaux produces exceptional red wines. The Rhone Valley produces big, enjoyable wines, Burgundy brings elegance. Enjoy these special wines as we present more French wines from the Micheal Corso portfolio. Tasting from 2- 6 pm.

Price: $0.00

Date: 09/15/2018

Fall Wines by Heritage Wine Cellars

Join Ettie Randles as she guides you through a wine journey of Fall favorites. Cooler weather demand bigger wines. Find them all here! Tasting from 2- 6 pm.

Price: $0.00

Date: 09/22/2018

Wines of Spain


Spanish wine








Celebrate Spain as we travel with wine to different regions of this area, Spain has over 2.9 million acres of vines planted, making it the most widely planted wine producing nation. Find special Cavas, Albarinos, Tempranillos and Granacha at this tasting! Tasting from 2-6 pm.

Price: $0.00

Date: 09/29/2018


Nancy's Wine Picks

Look to the 2015 Vintage



The year the grapes were grown and harvested is referred to as the vintage. The perfect grape growing conditions are warmer weather during the day and cooler temperatures at night, with relatively dry air. This combination typically yields a plentiful volume of ripe grapes; however, due to the many different factors that can alter a vintage, it’s hard to guarantee a great year with just these few factors, alone.

Early spring frosts, hail, drought, and storms all affect many of the growing regions in one way or another. All these conditions that make a great vintage come into play, not just the climate, but also by the important decisions of the winemaker. Some say that vintages are nothing more than guidelines, because a vineyard in one part of the region can be hit by hail and while a neighbor remains untouched. Even in years with less than optimal growing conditions, excellent bottles can still be found. California’s climate is relatively predictable, so vintages in this region can be more consistent. California also experienced a significant drought in 2012-15 –the drought years—and these stressed vines produced some of the best wine California has seen.

I encountered my first 2015 vintage while tasting in Germany’s Mosel and Rheinhessen regions. I remember being amazed at the quality, taste, and character of these wines. In Germany, many are comparing the 2015 vintage to the 1990 vintage, which produced remarkable dry and sweet wines. I continue to be impressed with nearly every 2015 vintage I taste. Whether it’s record setting, 100-point Bordeaux wines or 92-96 point Washington wines, to 90+ point wines from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Austria. In California, the 2015 vintage experienced early rains, an even growing season, and consistent temperature with few heat spikes. As a result, the wineries experienced a 30-percent decrease in yield, which means fewer grapes were harvested and bottled. 2015 was a great year for making wine, but, unfortunately, produced a smaller supply of wine compared to previous vintages.

This vintage truly excites me and I hope you go pick up a few bottles before they run out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and we may never experience another great vintage in our lifetime.

When wine is involved, nothing is difficult. Cheers! Nancy

This article ran in the PUNCH website…happy that Retailers are recognized for their hard work!!


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